Monday, November 30, 2009

strictly for mL only.

Hello Santa

i almost forgot to blog about my wishlist.

i really dont know what i want.

but just nice 2 days ago i came across this at BHG.
Bourjois Minernal Matte 81

its $30.80 after 20% discount.

I will advise u to grab it before the promo period end.

i just bought their pencil liner and im loving it!

so shall give their mineral matte mouse try try. the promoter tested on my hand, and it feels not bad too.

HOHOHO. looking forward to christmas with you girls~~~

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i'm so time tight,
as much as i want to work,
i also want to have adequate time for friends and family.
maybe i should forget about celebrating christmas this year.

24 hours is really not enough for me now.

i really hope all of you can understand my situation.

Friday, October 16, 2009

its been long since i blog.

been busy working and yadayada, whats new?

actually, i've been working and working and working. everyday. i cant remember when was the last time i ever rested, and even if i rest, its because im sick, and i cant work so i rest. i work everyday, monday tuesdays, wednesdays, thurdays,fridays, saturdays,sundays, public holidays and even on my birthday. sometimes, i just work and let days pass by me without knowing the dates and the days.

eventhough i always complain how tired i am to my colleagues and bf, but then deep down, i know i'm gonna reap what i sow one fine day. deep down i know i'm truly happy with what im doing. deep down i know actually this is the kind of flexibility im looking for. deep down i know i want to touch pple's heart, make a change to their life.

i cant change how people perceive my job as an insurance agent. i cant do anything to change their thinking. i was once a "anti-insurance-agent" kind of person. the reputation behind the job title stinks. so how can i expect people to think good abt my job? "insurance agents are irritating" "insurance agents are only out there to make $$" "insurance agents keep pestering me" "insurance agents keep pushing people to buy insurance"
insurance agent this and insurance agent that. i cant blame them. i used be one of "them" too.
i once chatted with someone and i ask that someone why never consider being a financial consultant when obviously he got a gift of a salesman tongue. and that someone told me that "because im not someone who will push people to buy something."

i dunno how to react at the statement. i can be defensive against the statement but i chose to keep quiet. cos i know the more i try to defend, things will nv end. its already tiring enough to be in this line physically. trying to change someone's perception is mentally challenging. people will usually think lowly of a financial consultant. but what makes them think so highly of themselves? today i can convince someone to see the importance of insurance, can you do the same? if you cant, who gives you the authority to think lowly of my job?

thats why, if possible, i dont wish to talk about my job when im when my close friends. i dont want frens to have a impression that im trying to sell them smth whenever i talk to them. i dont target warm market. unlike many others out there who got their close friends and relatives to support them at the start of their career, i chose not to deal with warm market at all. that is why i had a difficult start for my career. i cant bring myself to talk abt insurance infront of them. im afraid that as im climbing up in my career, the friends i have will decrease. cos no one will dare to talk to me anymore. im afraid they perceive me to be their money making tool. or maybe im egoistic. i dont want to approached warm market cos i scared paiseh. so i rather wait for warm market to approach me. if i thick skin abit, maybe im doing better and can achieve more than what i can do today.

today i talk to one of my friend she told me :" whatever you talk u can link it up to insurance leh"

and i realised, true enough, i've been thinking financially, eating financially, breathing financially, and now talking financially. i forgot how to talk like normal people. i talk to friends like how i talked to my prospects. am i irritating or am i annoying? or maybe i just let my work overtake my life and it influence my daily lifestyle.

i dunno whats the purpose of they post. i dun see any moral of the story at all, my thoughts are all jumbled up, my fingers just continue to type whats coming into my mind. this post is not pin-pointing at anyone who talked to me before, just maybe a place for me to rant on how i really feel. u all got ur rights to think what u all want to think. but sometimes if you think u want to tell me how u feel abt my job title, think twice, cos whatever u say will really affects me. i am defensive upon hearing negative comments abt my job title cos i take pride in my work. im proud of what im doing, and im not gg to let you demoralise my pride.

earning money is tough. u gotta put in alot more extra effort to earn much more than what the average people are earning.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i regretted allowing my brain to take the lead.

i regretted knowing so many things which i don't want to know and which i don't need to know.

now, i can only wallow in all the "why-s" alone and i'm staring to doubt my decision.

how true was everything you said to me?

forget it, i don't want to know anymore.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Alrights, for the benefit of everyone,

im going to annouce.......

*drum rolls*

my convocation will be on 27th August 2009!

like finally!!!!

just collected my regalia from serangoon broadway today and im totally looking forward to next thursday. :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

for the benefit of chun hui,

i'm still alive kicking, doing well, and trying hard to close alot of case everyday.

super busy and tired, but fulfilling.

i love meeting different kind of people everyday, and talk cock to them. sometimes really very funny when you make people confused about the real purpose of talking to them. i guess despite the tiredness and stress level, im enjoying my job. =)

Friday, July 10, 2009

when fairytales aren't as perfect as what I thought to be.......

I finally learnt that there's no such thing as fairytale-in-reality.